David J Severn’s Photography.

Another wonderful image from the studio of David J Severn. David goes to great lengths to achieve his stunning photographs.

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I just love photographing Dance, this shot of Nicole, shot at my studio (Studio3bySevern.com) was captured using my amazing Pixapro Storm 400 flash heads.
I always try to visulized the image I want before we start shooting, saves me loads of time.

This reminds me of one of the charictors in the Golden Compas part of Phillip Pullmans Dark Materials trilogy, they have witch queen called ‘Serafina Pekkala’dsc_0933

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I have lot of photographs in storage and occasionally I will look at them and I get inspiration to do something different with them in an effort to expand my Photoshop skills. The following photographs were created on such an occasion. This is my friend Emma. She invited me to take photographs of her and her lovely family over a year ago. Recently, I revisited those photographs and these are some of the results:-

I changed the colour balance and added some diffuse glow.

I changed the colour balance and added some diffuse glow.


All comments welcome; I am trying to create photographs that people will like and I am pleased with these, but I would really like to know if I was barking up the wrong tree.