About Paul Cullen Photography

Hello, my name is Paul Cullen and I am a photographer by compulsion and passion. I have decided to concentrate all of my efforts on professional photography as I just love the visual image and enjoy capturing that vision. I am married and my wife and I have two offspring – I don’t think that I can refer to them as children any longer as one has graduated and is working and the other is not that far behind.

I have been capturing that vision for over thirty years in a variety of ways. I was almost always the custodian of the family Kodak Brownie (Not Box – I’m not quite that old), or later, the family super 8 cine camera. I got my first SLR – a Zenit 11, when I was 17 or 18 years old. I took “pictures” of all sorts whilst my family tried to avoid being in the direct line of the lens. unperturbed,  I would take photographs of things that couldn’t run away – Landscapes, flowers, trees, buildings – to be honest – the odd family member at Christmas and other family occasions. I later attended courses – “Introduction to Photography” at the local college, which introduced me to the delights of the Darkroom – I loved the darkroom. I studied City & Guilds modules in Photography including “The Art of Colour Photography”, then OCN modules in Digital Photography Manipulation, Landscape photography and Portrait Photography at the same college. In 2009, I went away to Northumberland to complete a “Photo Adventures” course tutored by Lee Frost and in March 2010, I completed a course in Portrait and Wedding Photography @ Brooks School of Photography (Now First Point Photography) in Bournmouth.

I have mostly enjoyed Landscape,some still life and Flower photography, but I am increasingly drawn to all forms of people photography – I would like to develop (no pun intended) skills in different styles of portraits, including classic portraiture, street photography, and perhaps even boudoir and glamour photography – so, anybody interested in a bit of modelling – just let me know ;-))

For many years, my photographs have been largely unseen – lack of confidence I guess, but I have decided that they ought to be seen; photography is a visual medium and needs to be viewed by others. So here it is – here are some of my photographs. I hope that you like them, but more than anything, I hope that you will leave your comments – what you like about them and what you don’t like about them – be honest.

I will be reviewing various photography related things such as some of the courses that I have been on. I hope that you can add your own reviews if you wish. I don’t want to be the only contributor – I hope that as many people as possible will get involved with the contributions and for this weblog to become a living entity. I hope, at very least that you will find it interesting and worthwhile and will visit it regularly and we will see what develops. As Microsoft used to say “Where do you want to go today?”


4 thoughts on “About Paul Cullen Photography

  1. Great intro to the new website Paul!…Really exemplifies your passion for your work & expresses how your passion grows with every picture….your enthusiasm is transparent and as we all know, enthusiasm is contagious!

    I am sure many people will be excited about the passion and enthusiasm that you possess, but more importantly I believe that people will firstly buy into the aesthetic beauty of your pictures coupled with their overall professional content, your pictures really are first class!

    So wishing you every success, will be sharing your site, looking forward to seeing more of your work and may add a couple of my own pictures in the next too distant future…


    • Setting up a WordPress blog would probably be the easiest way of contributing and I could follow you and you me then I could add your content (photographs). You could put hyperlinks into your reply such as http://www.paul-cullen-photography.co.uk which can be followed then added easily. I would be more than happy to put your photographs on my blog. It is easy to set up your account – a little more difficult to set up wordpress (although accessible from work so I could help a bit over lunch) Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to add content.


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