Paul Cullen Portraits

Paul Cullen Portraits by paul2210
Paul Cullen Portraits, a photo by paul2210 on Flickr.

The course provides experience in adult and Children’s portraits as well as weddings – courses of various lengths to suit all pockets and interests. The emphasis of the courses is on creating new photography professionals, so the courses also include aspects of the business side.

Paris 2013

Paris 2013 by paul2210
Paris 2013, a photo by paul2210 on Flickr.

My wife and I went to Paris in October of 2013. No trip to Paris would be complete without a photograph of Notre Dame Cathedral. The usual view is of the twin towers to the front of the Cathedral but I quite like this view made on a beautifully sunny day. A visit to Paris is thoroughly recommended – I’ll certainly go back given the slightest opportunity.

Portraits – Nicole.


I had the opportunity to photograph my friend and her lovely family. Part of the brief was to get some nice photographs of my friends daughter Nicole who was going to University to study a Drama based degree, the details of which escape me at the moment. Recently, I had the opportunity to look at these photographs again and have a “Play” with them in Portrait Professional and Photoshop. Portrait Professional is software for retouching portraits – removing wrinkles, dealing with skin blemishes and so on. You would guess right if you thought that Nicole wouldn’t need any of that, but I have used it to “Brighten” her eyes and a few other small adjustments for artistic effect. PhotoShop was only used for sharpening – all digital photos put through a RAW converter need sharpening – cameras that convert straight to Jpeg do the sharpening “in camera”. I also used PhotoShop for resizing to web size. Nicole 001 Mother & Daughter. Nicole 003

I usually use a filter called “High pass” then levels for sharpening, using “Unsharp mask” only if the first stage doesn’t work sufficiently, which is rare. You have a choice of light including “soft light” – my favourite for this sort of assignment, “Hard light”, “Vivid light” and a few others – the above photograph has had the benefit of “Vivid light” however, I had already made it quite contrasty in Portrait Professional. I wanted “Striking”.Nicole 002 Nicole 004

Mirror Lens.

I decided to buy a Centon 500mm mirror lens recently. I took it out for a test drive a couple of days ago – not sure about the results; I really like the effect that it has on the light but it is not terribly sharp despite help in photoshop.ImageImageImageImageImage