The Face of Steve McQueen

Another great article from the brilliant Claire Cullen (notice the similarity in the surname – OK, I admit it; she is my niece)


Steve Mcqueen A few weekends ago I went to a birthday party with the theme of film. There were offerings of popcorn, and an array of masks to choose from of famous movie-star-faces, from Marilyn Monroe to Johnny Depp. They were as creepy as heck, with their eyes missing and of course when we wore the masks it was just an excuse for a carry on, pretending to snog each other and declaring Audrey Hepburn an awful slut. I got very carried away as Steve McQueen and when we were getting shifted from the venue, I abused my McQueen status to boss everyone around, shouting, “Steve wants you all to make like The Great Escape, and GET OUT!”

Robert Redford is totally smitten with me…

A friend of a friend asked me if I’d ever actually seen The Great Escape, “Yes, of course I’ve seen it!” I proclaimed, “I’m in it!” (Only…

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