Fine Art America.

Hello everyone,

it’s a while since you have heard from me I know, I’m sorry but I have been busy. One of the things that I have been busy with is “Fine Art America” postings. I have joined the site and so far, I have uploaded 180 photographs for sale. I am really excited because now, through Fine Art America, “things” can be made from my photographs – not just prints, canvases, framed prints and the like, useful things like phone covers (iPhone and Galaxy S phones only at the moment) Tote bags, shower curtains and even duvet covers!

I sort of discovered it by accident – well I knew that it existed but thought that it was a bit “high brow” because of the name, but I was doing some research and discovered that they turned paintings, photographs and other art works into things and I was hooked. There are hundreds of thousands of artists, photographers and digital artists have uploaded their work onto the site in digital form – the watercolourists and oil painters have scanned or photographed their work; I thoroughly recommend that you take a look whether you are buying or selling or just looking – it still costs nothing to look!

If you were interested in selling, there are at least two options:-

Free:- You get to post up to 25 works into your own account, you can set up galleries, and sell your work through the site –

You set your own prices, there is a base price for everything (how much it costs to produce the merchandise) and then you say how much you want over the top of that. If you make a sale, they pay through PayPal – so you would need a valid paypal account that can accept payments – but most people who have bought and sold through Ebay would have one of those.

You pay $30 a year:- In addition to the above, you get your own website which you can customise – so it doesn’t look like The Fine Art America site, you also get a share (5%) of the cost of the materials used to make the product that your buyer orders (Frames, mounts/matting, phone covers, bags, and so on. your web address is

mine is (‘Cos I paid the $30):-

In addition, if you decide to sell your images/pictures through their stock library you get another personal web address through

If I have whetted your appetite for more, please follow the following link:-


scotland photographs for sale

u.k. photographs for sale