Only Fools Are Fashionable

Written by my niece Claire Cullen. She is an accomplished writer for XXY magazine. Here she writes a thought provoking piece where she discusses “Only fools and horses” as representative of Britain at the time in terms of fashion and culture as well as re living some happy memories with her Nana, my Mother


Only fools and horses

Ok, when I was a child in the nineties, I really loved watching Only Fools and Horses. At weekends I would often have sleepovers at my grandparents (my Nana and I were best mates), and I would be allowed to stay up and watch the likes of Fools and Horses, Heartbeat, Tomorrows World and Jonathan Creek (also one of my favourites). They also introduced me to Norman Wisdom, Rock n’ Roll and Judy Garland – all great things but if I was to go into that now I would be journeying on a tangent.

RT listing 8 Sept 1981 cropped

So, Only Fools and Horses – for anyone who does’t know what it is, is a British sitcom that ran for over 20 years. Also, it was bloomin’ brilliant. Following the modest, yet humorous ups and downs of two Peckham, born and bred half brothers – the Trotters. Derek AKA Del Boy is a…

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