Bletchley Park.

Since publishing this four years ago, the great man who rebuilt Colossus, Tony Sale (seen in my original post photographs) has sadly died and an award was set up in his honour. It is awarded for computer conservation and restoration (an excerpt from their website reads):-

The 2016 Tony Sale Award for Computer Conservation & Restoration was announced on 25th January 2016.

The Tony Sale Award is presented remembrance of the late Tony Sale, one of the two co-founders of the Computer Conservation Society which runs the award.

Tony Sale was an inspirational figure whose efforts to reconstruct a Second World War Colossus codebreaking machine pioneered much of the present day work of the Society.

The award is sponsored by Google to whom we are most grateful.

The closing date for nomination for the award is the 30th June 2016. Nominations can be made at:-

Computer Conservation Society

Bletchley Park is an interesting place. It has been in the Media spotlight recently because of Alan Turing, the genius behind the cracking of the Enigma codes and because of a recent tv series. It is where the Enigma codes were broken during the Second World War and it is well worth a visit. I visited Bletchley park a few years ago with my family. As usual, I took photographs – here are some of those photographs – they are not technically of interest as photographs, but I thought that you might like to see them from an historical point of view:-

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