Trent Boat

Trent Boat by paul2210
Trent Boat, a photo by paul2210 on Flickr.

I went for a walk along the Trent armed with my camera, my tripod and my B + W 10 stop Neutral density filter – Oh, I do like that filter!


Revisiting old photos.

I decided to go through my “back catalogue” and I came across these. Some of them are scanned from slide film (I used to use a lot of Velvia – and a tripod with an iso of 50!) when I scanned them, I wasn’t able to process them very well due to inexperience and an earlier version of Photoshop. I have had another go at them and these are the results. I am actually quite pleased with them and I hope that you like them too…..

Glencoe 001



JPCV0119S-Corran light house6


The Lighthouse at Corran Narrows on Loch Linnhe (Highlands of Scotland).

JPCV0134S-Loch Linnhe Sunset


Loch Linnhe sunset.



Waterfall near Drumnadrochit (at least, I think that is how you spell it) on the north road along Loch Ness.

JPCVM0024-Dog falls 2


Dog falls.



Dog falls again from a different angle converted to monochrome also.

Paul Cullen Photography

Paul Cullen Photography.

This is my new commercial website – I think that you will like it. Here I have put my favourite landscape photographs. Many of the images are of the Northumberland coast, one of my favourite places in the world.

It doesn’t cost anything to have a look. Of course, I hope that some of you are moved to buy one or more of the images for your own wall, but more than that, I would appreciate any constructive comments that you care to make about my work. I would like to turn professional and plan to do so in October of this year.